Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich

Founding Director 1981 - 2012

1981 - 2012
Scientific Director and Managing Director of IZT

1969 - 1976
First President of "Freie Universität Berlin" (Berlin Free University)

Publications in English (Selection)


  • Kreibich, Rolf; Oertel, Britta and Wölk, Michaela (2011): Futures Studies and Future-oriented Technology Analysis. Principles, Methodology and Research Questions. Paper prepared for the 1st Berlin Symposium on Internet and Society, Oct. 2527, 2011. HIIG Discussion Paper Series No. 2012-05. Download



  • Kreibich, Rolf (2007): All Tomorrow's Crises. In: IP - Global Edition, Nr. Spring, "Limits to Growth", S. 11-15. Download



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