IZT signed a contract of cooperation with the Egyptian Think Tank IDSC (Information Decision Support Center) in 2010. With the help of IDSC, a publication by Dr. Edgar Göll (IZT) was published in Arabic in 2013: "Future Studies and Research in Egypt".

Eight pioneering institutes in sustainability research have joined together, forming the “Ecological Research Network” (Ecornet), a network of non-university, non-profit German research institutes focusing on environmental and sustainability research. The Ecornet institutes conduct applied research across the borders of scientific disciplines regarding ways to achieve a post-fossil and post-nuclear society. Ecornet aims to open up the wide spectrum of scientific disciplines to the social-ecological questions that will characterize the 21st century. IZT joined the network in November 2013.

Researchers from IZT have been active members of the Futures Researchers' Network since its kick-off in 2007. This network unites Futures Researchers from the German-speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland, representing 21 institutions dedicated to futures studies. The network unfortunately does not offer an English homepage.

The "World Futures Study Federation" is a globally operating NGO consisting of scientists, academics and other experts on future research and future studies. The association emerged from an international network founded by leading futurologists in Paris in 1973. The IZT became an institutional member in 2017.

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