Katja Pein

Futures Studies (M.A.)
Researcher "Health & Wellbeing"

Tel.:+49 (0) 30 80 30 88-35
Fax: +49 (0) 30 80 30 88-88


  • Katja Pein has been working at IZT since October 2018 in the project "Norms in Demographic Change" in the field of futurology and participation.
  • She obtained her Master's Degree of Futures Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin.
  • She obtained her Bachelor in Business Administration at the HWR Berlin.
  • Before her studies, she completed a training as a state-approved speech therapist.


  • 2020

  • Evers-Woelk, Michaela; Bröckerhoff, Peter; Krings, Bettina-Johanna; Pein, Katja; Sonk, Matthias; Weinberger, Nora; Dorin, Lena; Woopen, Christiane (2020): Ein Netz der solidarischen Pflege aufspannen. In: PflegeZeitschrift 73 (12), S. 55-58.

    Ein Netz der solidarischen Pflege aufspannen

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