Presentation of the EmPowerPlan project at the Oderland-Spree regional assembly

empowerplan presentation tool

At the 9th meeting of the regional assembly of the Oderlad-Spree regional planning community on 29 January 2024 in Frankfurt Oder, the project team once again took the opportunity to present the StEmp tool to regional planning stakeholders. The main item on the programme of the event was the first draft of the sub-regional plan for renewable energies of the Oderland-Spree regional planning community. The vast majority voted in favour of the draft. This means that the formal participation process for the sub-regional plan can begin in March.

As part of the participation process, the tool, which brings together many other data on renewable energies in the region in addition to the wind areas from the draft plan, will be used for the first time at the Regional Energy Conference on 17 April 2024 in Frankfurt Oder. The EmPowerPlan project team and the Oderland-Spree regional planning community will then use the tool to enter into dialogue with all interested parties on site. The tool can be tried out here to understand the connections between the energy system and the sub-regional plan.

The tool is then online and freely accessible.