How could the Graz city region improve the transport situation? Should the city initiate a digital platform that integrates and seamlessly links old and new modes of transport? This would unite, among others, providers of rental bikes, e-scooters, car sharing, ride-sharing, taxis, buses and trams in one app. This service-oriented concept is known among experts as "Mobility as a Service" ("MaaS"). IZT investigated possible application strategies in a feasibility study for the Graz area. The unbroken mobility chain - across different modes of transport - leads from integrated route planning to booking on demand and payment to the handling of journeys. IZT showed the different manifestations in three pioneering cities and encouraged the city of Graz to embrace the dynamic concept of "Mobility as a Service". The scientists also discussed necessary technological-infrastructural requirements.

IZT work packages:

  • Big picture of mobility trends
  • Mapping MaaS initiatives in Europe
  • Case analyses of selected cities with MaaS initiatives
  • Perspective workshop
  • MaaS Readiness Check