Through automation, digitalisation, electrification and decarbonisation, public transport is currently on the threshold of massive change. Value creation is currently and in the future mainly being changed by the networking of services and the reorganisation of transport use. The private sector has become a central driver of value creation change: transport service providers and internet corporations as well as numerous start-up companies are working on new mobility services and business models. The project dealt with service innovations and new technologies in the context of the sectoral transformation of the mobility economy and their impact on public transport.

In the project, value creation structures were typologised and assigned according to the business model. The scenarios developed from this described the range of possible diffusion paths of the business models in the future market environment. The project concluded with an assessment of the potential and risk of the models in terms of socio-economic distribution of profits and burdens.

In view of the current situation, the effects of the Corona pandemic were also examined in the project work and, above all, thought into the future in the scenarios. Currently, public transport is particularly affected by the consequences of the crisis, but also the value creation structures of digitally based mobility services.

IZT's task was to analytically process the transformational context narrative. With the help of the Technological Transition Model, also known as the multi-level perspective according to Frank W. Geels, the major transformation dynamics and drivers were identified and the regime of public transport was presented with special consideration of the business model. Based on this, innovative impulses in the combination of public transport and new mobility services were to be highlighted. In this way, the current situation of the mobility providers in their transformation dynamics was described and assigned to typical business fields. Exemplary service descriptions were created on the basis of a typologisation of applications. The investigation of selected case studies was also part of the IZT's tasks.

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