Climate friendly Kitchens in Polish Schools

In Poland, discussions about higher quality school lunches have gained momentum. The IZT and its Cooperation-partner, the Polish city network for energy-efficiency (PNEC) are actively involved in this process. In this project, personnel of polish school kitchens will not only be sensitized to cook healthier and more ecological menues, but also to manage food preparation in a more environmentally friendly way. Climate friendly recipes for German school lunches will be adapted to polish meals, ingredients and eating habits. Likewise, the 22 measures developed for German school kitchens in the IZT led “KEEKS” project will be adapted to Polish circumstances.
© IZT / Malte Schmidthals
CLIKIS – CLimate friendly KItchen in Schools
2018 – 2019
Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit (BMU)

Association of Municipalities Polish Network "Energie Cités" (PNEC)


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