Climate friendly canteens in schools

Out-of-Home-catering is gaining in importance in children’s and youth’s nutrition: in 2009 more than 45.000 schools in Germany provided community catering. Until now however, questions concerning climate and energy efficiency play no role in school meals. At this point the project comes into play. It analyses the food use, the energy consumption, the available and used kitchen technology and all processes from purchase to waste disposal in 24 canteens in all-day elementary schools. Subsequently menus and processes are optimized to maximize CO2 and energy savings. Following a successful test phase, a qualification campaign for kitchen staff is planned.
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KEEKS – Klima- und energieeffiziente Küche in Schulen
2016 - 2019
German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety ("National Initiative for Climate Protection")

  • Faktor 10 - Institut für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften gGmbH (Friedberg)
  • Netzwerk e.V. - Soziale Dienste und ökologische Bildung (Köln)
  • Vegetarierbund Deutschland e.V. (Berlin)
  • ifeu - Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung (Heidelberg)
  • Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Energie, Umwelt (Wuppertal)



IZT is the project coordinator and responsible especially for public relations, media and further education and training. The following products will be developed.

  • A KEEKS-Guideline, which offers (school) canteens a practical approach to increase their climate and energy efficiency
  • A KEEKS-web app for climate and energy efficient meals in school canteens, which shows the differences between various meals
  • A KEEKS-e-cookbook for community catering in schools, which is also available offline • A KEEKS-platform for the general public
  • A KEEKS-manual for further education of school kitchen managers and vocational school teachers, which demonstrates how knowledge about climate and energy efficiency in the kitchen can be imparted
  • 10 KEEKS-3D animated videos illustrating the topic across all age groups in an entertaining way
  • Various KEEKS-concepts, materials and guidelines for different settings of continued education, and
  • A concept for transformation and transfer to further the dissemination and transfer of results into other fields of community catering (e.g. company canteens, university canteens) as well as into politics

More information

26 September 2018: The United Nations Climate Change Secetariat (UNFCCC) has announced the awardees of the 2018 Climate Action Award "Momentum for Change". Among the winners is the project "KEEKS - climate-friendly school kitchens", which is coordinated by the IZT. The project comes to the conclusion: Dedicated school kitchen teams can save a considerable amount of climate-relevant emissions.


  • 2019

  • Muthny, Jana; Engelmann, Tobias; Scharp, Michael (2019): KEEKS-Leitfaden für die klimaschonende Schulküche. Faktor 10 - Institut für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften, IZT - Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung. Friedberg, Berlin.

    KEEKS-Leitfaden für die klimaschonende Schulküche

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  • 2018

  • Scharp, Michael; Eyrich, Ralph; Schmidthals, Malte (2018): Klimaschutz in der Schulküche lohnt sich – auch finanziell. Forschungsprojekt lotet Einsparpotenzial aus. In: Forum Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften / (26.11.2018)

    Klimaschutz in der Schulküche lohnt sich – auch finanziell

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