Rising life expectancy, advancing technology and increasing diversity of social and cultural lifestyles and designs are leading to profound changes in our society. These changes have an impact on care and the associated ideas of solidarity. The question of reconciling care, family and gainful employment is becoming highly relevant to society in terms of care and recognition for both carers and those being cared for. Here, wage replacement benefits can express social appreciation for caring relatives and contribute to more gender equality. At the same time, municipalities should take on more responsibility: as partners for offers of needs-based care services including (also preventive) home visits to older people for early detection of impairments of independence.
Evers-Woelk, Michaela; Bröckerhoff, Peter; Krings, Bettina-Johanna; Pein, Katja; Sonk, Matthias; Weinberger, Nora; Dorin, Lena; Woopen, Christiane
Fields of research

Health and well-being