The objective of the LUFT 2030 project was to develop updated emission scenarios for the pollutants NOx, SO2, NMVOC, NH3, PM10 and PM2.5 up to the year 2030 and, derived from this, to calculate immission scenarios for particulate matter and NO2. The results of the project "Policy Scenarios for Climate Protection VI" [Öko-Institut 2013] commissioned by the UBA were used as the basis for developing emission scenarios for Germany. The evaluation tools developed in the PAREST project [Builtjes et al. 2010] were used to evaluate the emissions scenarios on the emissions side. This includes the spatial distribution of German emissions and the consideration of a European emission scenario. Based on the immission scenarios, which focus on annual mean values, considerations are also made on NO2 and PM10 limit value exceedances at stations close to traffic.

Jörß, Wolfram; Emele, Lukas; Scheffler, Margarethe; Cook, Vanessa; Handke, Volker; Theloke, Jochen et al.