The new anthology "Insights, Outlooks, Foresights. Current Perspectives in Futures Studies" combines academic contributions, journalistic formats and forward-looking ideas from young emerging researchers and renowned academics to open up different perspectives on the status quo of current debates in futures studies and futurology. The idea for this project arose during a seminar as part of the master's degree programme in futurology at the Institut Futur at Freie Universität Berlin - and developed far beyond. The book will be published by LIT Verlag in early 2016. Since August 2014, the six-member team led by Professor Dr Reinhold Popp has been working on the conception, design and editorial direction of the work. With its 22 contributions, the anthology comprises more than 400 pages and is divided into three chapters: The chapter Insights combines contributions dedicated to the current state of futurology in research and practice. In the chapter Outlooks, potentials for the further development of the discipline are discussed. The chapter Farsightedness explores the interfaces to various areas of future-oriented research.