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  • March 2017

  • Oertel, Britta; Kahlisch, Carolin; Albrecht, Steffen (March 2017): Online citizen participation on parlamentary work. TAB-Fokus no.13 regarding report no. 173.
  • 2017

  • Clausen, Jens; Göll, Edgar; Tappeser, Valentin (2017): Sticky Transformation. How path dependencies in socio-technical regimes are impeding the transformation to a Green Economy. In: Journal of Environmental Management (JIM) 5 (2), S. 110-137.
  • Göll, Edgar (2017): Future Challenges of Climate Change in the MENA Region. Istituto Affari Internazionali. Rome. (MENARA Papers Future Notes, 7).
  • 2016

  • Mester, Karoline; Christ, Marion; Degel, Melanie; Bunke, Wolf-Dieter (2016): Integrating Social Acceptance of Electricity Grid Expansion into Energy System Modeling: A Methodological Approach for Germany. In: Wohlgemuth, Volker; Fuchs-Kittowski, Frank; Wittman, Jochen (Hg.): Advances and New Trends in Environmental Informatics. Stability, Continuity, Innovation. Cham, Schweiz: Springer International Publishing (Progress in IS), S. 115-129.
  • Christ, Marion; Soethe, Martin; Degel, Melanie; Wingenbach, Clemens (2016): Wind Energy Scenarios for the Simulation of the German Power System Until 2050: The Effect of Social and Ecological Factors. In: Wohlgemuth, Volker; Fuchs-Kittowski, Frank; Wittman, Jochen (Hg.): Advances and New Trends in Environmental Informatics. Stability, Continuity, Innovation. Cham, Schweiz: Springer International Publishing (Progress in IS), S. 167-180.
  • Göll, Edgar (2016): The Future. Foresight Studies on the Middle East and North Africa. In: Soler i Lecha, Eduard; Colombo, Silvia; Kamel, Lorenzo; Quero, Jordi (Hg.): Re-conceptualizing Orders in the MENA Region. The Analytical Framework of the MENARA Project. MENARA Methodology and concept papers. No.1, November 2016. Barcelona-Spain, S. 88-100.
  • Hackfort, Sarah K.; Burchardt, Hans-Jürgen (2016): Analyzing socio-ecological transformations – a relational approach to gender and climate adaptation. In: Critical Policy Studies, S. 1-18.
  • 2015

  • Hilty, Lorenz M.; Lohmann, Wolfgang; Behrendt, Siegfried; Evers-Wölk, Michaela; Fichter, Klaus; Hintemann, Ralph (2015): Green Software, Analysis of potentials for optimizing software development and deployment for resource conservation. Subproject 3: Establishing and exploiting potentials for environmental protection in information and communication technology (Green IT). Dessau: Umweltbundesamt (Texte, 23/2015).
  • Hinrichs, Volker; Handke, Volker; Köhler, Tristan; Chikhaoui, Liliana; Lux-Steiner, Martha C. (2015): Impurities in Chalcopyrite Photovoltaics: Changing the perception from an absolute to a relative and cost efficiency perspective. Poster 3DV.3.46 presented by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin at the 31th EU PVSEC 2015 held in Hamburg . Helmholz-Zentrum Berlin.
  • 2014

  • Göll, Edgar (2014): Governance for a Better Future – Examples and Lessons Learned in Germany and Beyond. In: La Revue MCI (MCI – Madagascar Conseil), S. 119-125.
  • Bothor, Sebastian; Oertel, Britta; Bubeck, Steffen; Scharp, Michael, Eberl, Thomas; Meyer, Stefan; Fahl, Ulrich (2014): Evaluation of selected measures of the Energiewende. Executive Summary. Study commissioned by the German federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. Unter Mitarbeit von Kluge, Jakob; Schachtschneider, Jonas. BMWi. Stuttgart and Berlin.
  • Hinrichs, Volker; Handke, Volker; Chikhaoui, Liliana; Lux-Steiner, Martha C. (2014): Impurities in Chalcopyrite Photovoltaic Absorbers Originating from Precursor Materials. 29th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition. Procedings of the international conference held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22-26 September 2014. Poster 3DV.2.25. WIP. München.
  • Rupp, Johannes; Knoll, Michael (2014): Challenges of Interdepartmental Collaboration to Foster Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings. In: Schinkel, Ulrike; Jain, Angela; Schröder, Sabine (Hg.): Local Action and Participation. Approaches and lessons learned from participatory projects and action research in future megacities. Berlin: Jovis (Future megacities, 4), S. 62-76.
  • Göll, Edgar (2014): New Frontier Revisited - Climate Change and Sustainable Development: A Civilisational Challenge. In: Institute for Science and Human Values (Hg.): The Human Prospect. A Neohumanist Perspective. Capping Climate Change: Sustainable Solutions. 2. Aufl. Volume 4., S. 2-21.
  • Knoll, Michael; Rupp, Johannes (2014): EnerKey Long-term Perspective Group (ELPG). A Format to Introduce Long-Term Thinking in Today's Decision-Making. In: Mahrin, Bernd (Hg.): Capacity Development. Approaches For Future Megacities. Berlin: Jovis (Future megacities, 3), S. 28-36.
  • Hilty, Lorenz M.; Oertel, Britta; Evers-Wölk, Michaela; Pärli, Kurt (2014): Locating, Tracking and Tracing. From Geographic Space to Cyberspace and Back. In: Michalek, Tomáš; Hebakova, Lenka; Hennen, Leonhard; Scherz, Constanze; Nierling, Linda; Hahn, Julia (Hg.): Technology Assessment and Policy Areas of Great Transitions. Proceedings from the PACITA 2013 conference in Prague. Prague: Technology Centre ASCR, S. 349-354.
  • 2013

  • Hahn, Tobias; Figge, Frank; Barkemeyer, Ralf; Liesen, Andrea; Müller, Frank (2013): Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing.. Third edition with update 2008-2010. Marseille and Leeds. (Sustainable Value Research).
  • Handke, Volker; Degel, Melanie (2013): International Workshop Comparing ETS and NIR - Monitoring Data. Dessau. (Climate Change, 22).
  • Göll, Edgar; Degel, Melanie (2013): Iterative expert survey on risks to keeping decarbonisation of EU power systems on track.
  • Göll, Edgar; Evers-Wölk, Michaela (2013): Meetings and conventions 2030. A study of megatrends shaping our industry. GCB German Convention Bureau e. V..
  • Scharp, Michael; Baedeker, Carolin; Rohn, Holger (2013): Education for Resource Preservation and Efficiency. Identifying and Developing Opportunities for All Areas of Education in Germany. World Resource Forum, Conference Papers. World Resource Forum. Davos, Schweiz.
  • 2012

  • Winn, Monika; Pinkse, Jonatan; Illge, Lydia (2012): Case Studies on Trade-Offs in Corporate Sustainability. In: Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 19 (2), S. 63-68.
  • Preuss, Lutz; Illge, Lydia (2012): Are the big guys always the bad guys?. In: Digital Development Debates (9 Prejustice)
  • Illge, Lydia; Preuss, Lutz (2012): Case Strategies for Sustainable Cotton. Comparing Niche with Mainstream Markets. In: Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 19 (2), S. 102-113.
  • Göll, Edgar (2012): Future Studies and Research in Egypt - Overview, Examples, Perspectives. Berlin: IZT - Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung (WerkstattBericht, 117).
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