Online citizen participation is understood to mean offerings that enable citizens to influence political decisions with the help of the internet. It is associated with the expectation of strengthening the relationship between politics and society. This volume evaluates recent experiences of the German Bundestag with online citizen participation. The focus is on the Enquete Commission "Internet and Digital Society", which was understood as an "experimental field". It also deals with the participation offerings of the Digital Agenda Committee, the Commission on the Storage of Highly Radioactive Waste, the youth portal mitmischen.de and the public petitions that can be signed online. The book provides an overview of the scientific discussion of online citizen participation and presents criteria for success as well as opportunities and risks. Options for action for further development at the German Bundestag are discussed.
Oertel, Britta; Kahlisch, Carolin; Albrecht, Steffen
Fields of research

Communication and publicity