Digital self-measurement, also called Quantified Self (QS), refers to the measurement and recording of body parameters and conditions by means of user programmes (apps) and wearables. The measurement is mostly done for the purpose of increasing efficiency and self-optimisation for more well-being and better health. In medicine, QA is only being used hesitantly because the quality of the apps is insufficient, especially in terms of data protection issues, and the evidence of effectiveness is largely lacking. The article is based on results of the TA-SWISS study "Quantified Self - between lifestyle and medicine" and outlines the QS phenomenon from a medical, legal, ethical, economic and social perspective. In addition, future developments as well as solution and design potentials are outlined.
Scheermesser, Mandy; Meidert, Ursula; Evers-Wölk, Michaela; Prieur, Yvonne; Hegyi, Stefan; Becker, Heidrun
Fields of research

Health and well-being