Besides the necessary implementation of greenhouse gas reductions, the reduction of resource consumption is an important goal of environmental and sustainability policy. So far, there has been no systematic investigation of the influence of measures in one policy field on the other. The nexus approach of climate and resource policy closes this gap. In the brochure, ten technology trends are presented in more detail that were identified as particularly relevant for the climate and resource use nexus on the basis of the systemic trend analysis. The focus was on the following questions: Does the trend have a direct or indirect impact on the extraction of raw materials? Are specific raw materials particularly relevant (e.g. metals, biotic raw materials)? Are there raw materials that are needed for the production of a certain preliminary product (e.g. chemicals in industry that are not directly recognisable when the product is considered)? What is the basic climate and resource impact of the trends and interactions?
Hackfort, Sarah; Degel, Melanie; Göll, Edgar; Neumann, Kai
Fields of research

Futurology and Transformation