In the project "Circular City Berlin - Pathways from Potential to Implementation" (CiBER), initiatives and business models are being investigated that can contribute to the development of a next-generation circular economy in Berlin. The special focus is on the areas of construction, electronics and textiles. The next generation circular economy is about innovation in terms of product design and product use systems. Four basic practices can be distinguished: 1. life cycle design (re-design of products in connection with waste-avoiding services), 2. extension of the useful life of products (re-use, repair, re-commerce and refurbishing), 3. intensification of use (sharing, lending and renting) and 4. material re-use (upcycling and retro-logistics).
Behrendt, SiegfriedZwiers, Jakob; Henseling, Christine; Hirschnitz-Garbers, Martin
Fields of research

Resources, economies and resilience