The network "Education for Resource Conservation and Resource Efficiency (BilRess)", founded in 2014, has set itself the goal of networking the central actors within and outside the education system who are responsible for anchoring resource education in the various educational sectors (school, higher education, training and further education). They are to be sensitised to the topic of resource conservation and efficiency. In the LehrRess project, a supplement to the BilRess project, teaching-learning materials for resource education were developed. The aim of LehrRess is to anchor topics on resource conservation and efficiency more firmly in the teaching of vocational schools. First and foremost, teachers at vocational schools are supported in addressing issues of resource conservation and efficiency. The topics were selected in such a way that there are links to learning fields (vocational action situations) and the proposed content can be taught both subject-related and interdisciplinary. During the development of the exemplary materials it became apparent that they can also be used in other educational contexts. Therefore, the teaching-learning materials developed by LehrRess can also be used by teachers of general education schools, trainers, lecturers of further education and actors of extracurricular educational institutions according to the modular principle. The selected exemplary materials are available on the following topics: - Coffee-to-go - An environmental sin? - The renewable office - The ecological rucksack of a mobile phone - The phenomenon of obsolescence - Securing a sustainable supply of raw materials (factual analysis) Since the launch of LehrRess in 2015, 16 teacher training courses for teachers of all school types and five workshops for pupils in vocational and general education schools have been conducted with the LehrRess material. The material has been very well received, not only by Bilress network members. This brochure is intended to present a summary of the material.
Bowry, Jaya; Kunterding, Stefan; Rohn, Holger; Scharp, Michael
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Education and Digital Media