Acceptance of electromobility as key factor for grid integration

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Acceptance of electromobility as key factor for grid integration
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Electric grids currently face the challenge to maintain a supply guarantee, although the increasing share of renewables in the energy system entails an increasing fluctuation of energy production. Here, electric cars promise a solution for levelling fluctuations, since they could be used as storage facilities while not in use. However, particularly private car holders will not automatically provide their car as a storage, and the overall potential of grid integration of electric cars is highly dependent on their willingness to allow discharging during parking. Therefore, grid integration is closely related to user acceptance of grid integration schemes, to user patterns and routines, as well as to available incentives.
Thust, the goal of the project is to describe the state-of-the-art with regards to the user acceptance to integrate electric cars in smart grids. In this context, we will particularly analyse using patterns and incentives that will have an impact on the potential of using electric cars for maintaining a supply guarantee in times of an increasing share of renewable and fluctuating energy sources.


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