Megatrends in the energy industry

On behalf of the largest German transmission system operator AMPRION the IZT conducted an internal study on megatrends in the energy industry. The aim of this study was to analyse developments in the energy sector driven by so-called "megatrends", to assess their impact on the operation of transmission systems and to open them up in a strategic way for future business activities.
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Megatrends in the energy industry
2014 - 2015
Amprion GmbH


The project was divided into two phases. In a first stage megatrends were identified and described. In a second step the identified trends were examined in depth and their strategic use developed.

For the identification megatrends were conceptualized and their search field were narrowed down. The identified megatrends were described and their interrelationships analysed. On this basis, a selection of the most relevant and effective megatrends and their thematic embedding has taken place.

During the in-depth analysis of the identified and selected trends, their influence on design, construction and operation of transmission systems were examined. Here, opportunities and risks were mapped and developed in the context of future market developments and existing opportunities for new business.


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