Advertising papers and sustainability

The background of the study is the debate about the ecological relevance of advertising journals. The IZT calculates the ecological footprint of a typical advertising journal and identifies concrete measures that can be used to achieve a better ecological balance. Previous ecological studies have dealt with books, newspapers and catalogs or paper in general. Advertising journals have not yet been studied. The aim of the study is therefore to create a well-founded information basis that the Federal Association of German Advertising Newspapers (BVDA) can use internally and externally for positioning and communication with regard to sustainability potential and its exploitation. The study is designed to accomplish this in three main ways: 1. to prepare a life cycle analysis that determines the environmental impact of advertising journals. 2. conducting a potential analysis that shows the possibilities for reducing the environmental impact of advertising journals. 3. estimation of the total reduction potential as a basis for the determination of possible environmental goals.
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Advertising papers and sustainability
Bundesverband Deutscher Anzeigenblätter (BVDA)


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