Flexible Ride-sharing at the International Airport in Frankfurt/Germany

Dynamic Ride-sharing at the International Airport in Frankfurt/ Main
2007 - 2009
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development


Mobility is a basic human need like working, dwelling, supply, education or leisure. Transport is, however, the most important source of CO2-emissions, and therefore considerably contributes to climate change. Moreover, about a third of the total energy consumption is dedicated to the transport sector. Since technological progress regarding fuel and emission savings as well as the expansion of public transport have come to their limits, a change in current mobility patterns appears to be an urgent action field to respond to environmental burdens caused by individual transport.

During the last decades, many carpooling and carsharing services were developed in order to diminuish individual rides particularly for commuters, who induce a great share of individual transport across the world. However, particularly carpooling offers did not reach the critical mass of users due to a variety of individual or external contraints. Today, intelligent mobility services using the internet, mobile or smartphones promise to overcome these obstacles, providing instant information on rideshare options and passengers.

CARRIVA is a dynamic carpooling service connecting drivers and passengers via internet and mobile phone. The IZT has evaluated the introduction of the CARRIVA service for commuters at the Frankfurt airport, the biggest airport in Germany. During the project, we have empirically studied mobility and spatial patterns in relation to their impact on carpooling, as well as the users’ acceptance of the service and their motivation to actually use it. The main result of the project is that the technical system plays a secondary role, while the service concept, marketing activities, and additional incentives, e.g. special carpooling parking lots, decide on the service’s success.

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