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In Estonia and Croatia, greenhouse gas emissions from food are also the subject of debate. At the same time, the quality of school meals is in focus. The results of two IZT projects on climate-friendly school kitchens in Poland and Germany will therefore be adapted and transferred to the conditions in Estonia and Croatia. The target group of the project is cooks, teachers, and school administration staff. In "train the trainer" seminars the multipliers can learn how to cook and manage in a more climate-friendly way. The IZT predecessor project KEEKS was honored with the UN Climate Action Award in 2018. It recommends a package of 22 measures to school kitchens and their operators, which can save up to 45 percent of GHG emissions in school kitchens.
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This project is based on two predecessor projects - initiated by the IZT - on climate-friendly school kitchens in Germany and Poland.

IZT's "KEEKS" Project: Winner of UN Climate Action Award 2018


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