Sustainable Value in the Airline Industry

In the project "Sustainable Value in the Airline Industry", IZT and "Sustainable Value Research" piloted the application of the innovative Sustainable Value Approach over several life cycle phases of different passenger transport systems . The aim was to allow for a value-based comparison of the environmental performance of air and rail transport. To this end, the Sustainable Value Approach was modified to ensure it takes into account the specific characteristics and requirements of passenger transport systems.
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Sustainable Value in the Airline Industry
2011 - 2013
EADS     (Auftragnehmer: Sustainable Value Research Ltd.)


This model then was transferred into a computerized application. Finally, pre-defined scenarios of a value-based environmental performance comparison of selected passenger transport systems were simulated.
The Sustainable-Value-Approach allows to compare the sustainability performance of different products, companies, systems or industries in monetary terms. This approach, therefore, provides an excellent basis for corporate, economic and political decision making in the context of sustainability management.  


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