Comparing Energy Research Portfolios: EU Research Projects on Non-Nuclear Energy

European Energy Research portfolio - State and Prospects of European Energy Research
2005 - 2006
Europäische Kommission Frost & Sullivan


This work is an attempt to map and compare the publicly funded research efforts carried out by the EC and Member States in the EU and those undertaken in the US and in Japan.

Because of the resources available to the project it does not pretend to present an exhaustive picture of the situation in each of these countries but provides a number of interesting findings shedding a light on the various research agendas and the coordination and links (or absence of) between those agenda, including promising areas for collaboration, both at European and International levels.
The figures presented correspond to (civilian) public funding only and do not include private funding figures. Therefore an important part of the question is not dealt with. In particular, neither direct support to industry research through contracts given by national administrations is not taken into account, nor are efforts carried by industry on their own funds.

The analysis has been broken down following traditional energy research fields (Hydrogen and fuel cells, CO2 capture and storage, Photovoltaics, Concentrated Solar thermal, Wind Energy, Ocean systems, Bio energy, Geo Thermal Energy). A number of global remarks, findings, and questions come up from this study.

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