Material demands for drive technologies
Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik (FVA)


In a new project IZT is calculating the material demands for drive technologies based on the study "Raw materials for emerging technologies". Based on market scenarios, the future material demand for "Cobalt", "Lithium" as well as the rare earths "Neodymium" and "Dysprosium" until the year 2030 will be modelled. These materials are used in technologies needed for electromobility, such as permanent magnet motors and lithium ion batteries. However, wind-generators and servomotors are also in need of these magnets and thus in competition with view to the material demand. In this project, the material demand of the individual sectors for "Cobalt", "Lithium" as well as the rare earths materials will be evaluated in order to be able to indicate each sector's share in the total demand in 2030.


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