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Municipal Strategies on Generation Equity
2011 - 2012


For the next decades, spatial disparities resulting from different demographic and economic developments on the local level represent a major challenge for political and econonomic players as well as for planners and civil society.

In this context, some cities will face a further population decline that will considerably effect the local quality of life, public infrastructuress and economic growth. However, even local authorities with a growing population will have to deal with a bigger share of senior citizens.

By order of the LBS (regional building and loan association), the IZT analyses current strategies concentrating on the guideline of generation equity in terms of both, providing adequate living conditions for all generations and developing strategies dealing with the needs of future generations. The results will be discussed with relevant experts in focus groups and interviews as well as on a nationwide workshop. Eventually, all project results will be published in a guideline for local authorities and project managers, which intend to support generation equity within their community.


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