Green IT knowledge for students and for school IT administrators

The research project aimed at drawing schools attention for "green information technology" in two ways: Firstly, the scientists involved wanted to ensure that in the future, schools are equipped with resource-efficient and climate-friendly information technology. To this end they were developing a study as well as training materials for the IT administrators and IT decision makers at the schools. Secondly, the scientists were looking for various ways, to give pupils an understanding of the contents of the UBA consumer brochure "Computer, Internet & Co.". To reach this aim, teaching units were created, as well as contributions in popular child-appropriate TV formats or on YouTube.
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Green-IT-Konzepte für Schulen und und Green-IT-Verbraucherinformationen
2011 - 2013

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PUBLICATION (Sievert, Corinna; Scharp, Gerti; Scharp, Michael und Behrendt, Siegfried (2012): Green IT – Arbeitsmaterialien für Schüler. Dessau: Umweltbundesamt.)

Shortfilm-Competition "Green IT"


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