Megatrends in Intralogistics

Currently intralogistics companies are increasingly exposed to strong market fluctuations, whereas in the past they could usually count on work at full capacity. Therefore, the Research Foundation Intralogistics commissioned the IZT with the study "Megatrends and Intralogistics". The megatrend "Volatility of the Markets and Competition" proved to be of highest interest for intralogistics companies. These fluctuations in the markets cannot be planned, therefore intralogistics companies must respond with increasing agility and flexibility. Discussions revolve around higher system flexibility and reactive supply chains as well as organizing employee flexibility in a proactive and systematic way. The companies strive to minimise losses due to a lack of flexibility.
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Megatrends und Intralogistik
Forschungsgemeinschaft Intralogistik/ Fördertechnik und Logistiksysteme (IFL) e.V.


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