Innovative Intelligent Rail - IN2RAIL

The IN2RAIL project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program, is to set the foundations for a resilient, consistent, cost-efficient, high capacity European railway network. Over 50 partners develop cost efficient, energy efficient and highly reliable solutions. These solutions are embedded in a systems framework where infrastructure, information management, maintenance techniques, energy, and engineering are integrated, optimised, shared and exploited. IN2RAIL is one of the first projects within the framework of the Joint Undertaking "SHIFT²RAIL". Infrastructure managers such as Deutsche Bahn, Network Rail (UK) and SNCF as well as manufacturers such as Alstom, Bombardier and Siemens cooperate in the project. IZT focuses on future user needs and requirements and future economic, ecologic and societal framework conditions under which the developed innovations have to be utilised.
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2015 - 2018
European Commission (Horizon 2020 program)

Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd - NR (Koordinator)


IZT takes part in the development of innovative, distributed open source energy management systems which help to understand the various energy flows and usages in the railway system and between vehicles and infrastructure. This enables reduction of energy losses and optimal, demand driven management of energy systems. Further activities target future energy supply systems with minimised energy losses such as intelligent sub-stations. IZT investigates and aggregates the requirements of the different actors in the railway system and develops specifications for the solutions to be developed.

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