Youth and sustainability

In some youth milieus it is no longer stylish to be committed to the environment. Scientists at IZT investigated therefore, how adolescents could be successfully introduced to environmental topics. Their study “Insights into youth culture“ was published as a brochure by the federal environment office (Umweltbundesamt). For the study different youth milieus were analysed and ten recommendations for better communication with young people were developed.
An insight into youth culture
2008 -2009
UBA (Umweltbundesamt)


The attitude of young persons to sustainable development is ambivalent: a decreasing interest in environmental topics juxtaposes a high awareness of important social themes. Against this background the project "An insight into youth culture" seeks ways to introduce the concept of Sustainable Development into youth culture. It also seeks approaches to integrate topics from the realm of Sustainable Development into youth culture. Optimized and target-group-specific communication will be first steps to this end. Besides, modes of communications familiar to young persons will be used whereas young people will be addressed in a way characteristic of juveniles. The project aims at new approaches and concepts to communicate Sustainable Development issues closely orientated towards younger people and their interests, their needs and their attitudes.


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