micromobility expo 2022

The micromobility expo 2022 focuses on micromobility in urban areas and is a central hub for knowledge transfer and sharing experiences. The current political and social discussions about the challenges of tomorrow's mobility raise numerous questions. The micromobility expo provides answers and brings together industry, politics, science and end users in Hannover from 19 - 21 May 2022. The formats of the event are as diverse as the participants and users: At the 3-day conference, you can experience an exciting mix of lectures, panel discussions, project presentations and opportunities to try out the latest products in the industry.
micromobility expo 2022
2021 - 2022


These are our key topics:

Mobility of the future

Potentials and resources: micromobility as a building block of sustainable mobility

  •     Micromobility and climate protection
  •     Culture of mobility, ethics & trends
  •     Political & legal framework

Urban-Spatial development

Micromobility and urban development: mobile solutions for improvement of livability

  •     Mobility planning & transportation infrastructure
  •     Urban mobility concepts & quarter development
  •     Virtual mobility

Urban & in-house logistics

The still unknown side of micromobility: applications and innovation

  •     City – country side
  •     Green logistics
  •     Robotics

Safety & Security

Personal integrity and safety in road and traffic areas

  •     Road safety
  •     Driving safety
  •     Insurances

Multi- and intermodality

Integrative solutions and systems

  •     Infrastructure
  •     Public transport & last mile shuttles
  •     Sharing systems

Free Ager

Focus on users: micromobility for everyone

  •     Design
  •     Handling & functionality
  •     Access & acceptance


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