Mobility 2030

Scenario Process "Mobility 2030"
2009 - 2010
ADAC e. V.


In order to be prepared for protecting the interests of its members also in the long run ADAC, the German automobile club, wants to develop plausible and attractive perspectives for the future of mobility. Complementing existing futures studies, with „2030“ ADAC wanted the timeframe of this study to be set farther into the future, so that even bigger changes in societal, technical, economic and ecologic conditions for traffic and mobility could be accounted for.

The main focus of this study was on ordinary traffic participants with their everyday life related views on mobility – concerning traveling to work, to school, for shopping, for leisure activities – and the related demands and needs. A set of future labs and scenario workshops has been conducted to obtain normative and action-oriented perspectives. Despite of many constraints in the general conditions for mobility to be expected in the future (e.g. demographic change, rapid climate change, peak oil, negative growth) positive approaches to consensually attractive und plausible visions for the future of mobility were elaborated.

The normative scenarios were published as an ADAC brochure and presented in a theatre show to politicians and representatives of various associations in the field of mobility. The scenarios are available at the ADAC website for download and commenting:

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