Sustainability and Parliaments (2)

Following the U.N. Earth Summit 1992 in Rio manifold activities in politics and society have been started. Is has become obvious that Sustainable Development is a challenge for the traditional procedures and the usual division of labour between governments, administrations and parliaments. For instance, long-term societal trends and effects of political activities have to be identified and acknowledged. During a first project phase (see finalized project “Overview on Institutions and Procedures of parliamentary Sustainability politics”) a stock-taking was achieved and preliminary case studies conducted, about legislatures of EU member-states, the European parliament, foreign countries and German states. The focus was on innovations for Sustainability policies. In the ongoing second project phase specifically interesting cases are being selected and case studies conducted. Based on the results recommendations will be formulated and perspectives for “Rio+20” discussed.
Institutions and Procedures of Sustainable Policies in Parliaments (Phase 2) within the TA-Project ‘Sustainability and Parliaments’
2011 - 2012
Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag



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