Technology assessment "Open Library" in Berlin

Having its roots in Denmark, the so-called staff-less or open-library concept is being applied in a growing number of public libraries in Germany. During the open-library opening hours, no staff is present - instead, it is being relied on camera surveillance and alarm systems. The IZT investigated the socio-technical effects which are likely to arise from the implementation of an open library concept in the Berlin district of Kladow. Public libraries from various countries that were keen to experiment reported that they were able to increase the number of loans and regular customers considerably thanks to the extended opening hours following the introduction of staff-less opening hours.
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Open Library in der Stadtteilbibliothek Kladow
Bezirksamt Spandau


  • 2019

  • Kluge, Jakob; Zwiers, Jakob (2019): Personallose Betriebszeiten in Öffentlichen Bibliotheken. Abschätzung sozio-technischer Folgen und Handreichungen für die Implementierung in Berlin-Spandau. IZT - Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung. Berlin.

    Personallose Betriebszeiten in Öffentlichen Bibliotheken

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