Risk analysis of emergency data management

The electronic health insurance card with photograph has been in nationwide circulation within Germany since January 2014. The E-Health law should allow those insured to voluntarily save their personal emergency data to their health insurance card. In a case of emergency, a doctor could instantly recognize data relevant to the incident, for example preexisting conditions or allergies of the patient. The “Gesellschaft für Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte mbH” (gematik) is working on the technical prerequisites of such valuable data being available in an emergency. Potential medical risks of emergency data management in precarious situations are also being analyzed. This risk analysis includes indications of the design, planned trial and evaluation of emergency data management. The research partner of the IZT is the Institute for Technology Assessment and System Analysis (ITAS) in Karlsruhe.
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Risikoanalyse Notfalldaten-Management (NFDM)
gematik Gesellschaft für Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte mbH


  • 2017

  • Evers-Wölk, Michaela; Weinberger, Nora; Sonk, Matthias; Uhl, André; Winkelmann, Markus (2017): Fachanwendung Notfalldatenmanagement (NFDM): Risikoanalyse. gematik Gesellschaft für Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte mbH. Berlin.

    Fachanwendung Notfalldatenmanagement (NFDM): Risikoanalyse

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