Criticality of non-fuel raw material supply for Germany

Criticality of non-fuel raw material supply for Germany
KfW Bankengruppe

adelphi (Berlin)


The availability of non-fuel raw materials to high-tech industry sectors is increasingly gaining importance. In Germany, the gross value added (GVA) of principal processing and manufacturing industries depends on the economic, stable and secure supply with metals and minerals. Supply difficulties may originate from physical disruptions of the supply chain (e.g., by war or natural disaster), from market failure (e.g. oligopoly producers, by-production) or from governmental interventions (e.g. export restrictions, stockpiling). The concept of criticality captures both the manifold supply risks and the vulnerability of the economy to a potential supply shortage.

In the course of this project more than 50 non-fuel materials are assessed to identify those that may become critical in the short to medium term (10-20 years) from a German industry perspective. Then, ten potential critical raw materials are analyzed in depth covering use patterns, supply, demand, price trends, recycling, substitution and relevance to emerging technologies. In addition, the supply situation is treated at the regional level to illustrate the impact of governance factors on raw material criticality.

The principal goal is to identify measures to reduce criticality. The spectrum of measures ranges from an increase in mining (inland, abroad), over foreign trade policy (e.g., import incentives, alternative supply basis), material efficiency (e.g., substitution, process optimisation), price risk management (e.g., stockpiling, insurance), strategic management (e.g., vertical integration, joint ventures) to recycling (e.g., production wastes, end-of-life wastes).


  • 2012

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  • 2011

  • Behrendt, Siegfried; Erdmann, Lorenz; Feil, Moira (2011): Kritische Rohstoffe für Deutschland "Identifikation aus Sicht deutscher Unternehmen wirtschaftlich bedeutsamer mineralischer Rohstoffe, deren Versorgungslage sich mittel- bis langfristig als kritisch erweisen könnte". Abschlussbericht im Auftrag der KfW Bankengruppe.

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