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Driving an SUV and booking holidays overseas, but also trying to buy regional fruit and vegetables without packaging: these are just two examples of the numerous contradictory trends which can be observed in German society. The project "Trend Analysis" will identify societal trends by methods of the future studies and assess them according to their effects on resource use and climate protection and their potential for resource efficiency. Subsequently, scientists will evaluate the value of these trends according to their positive or negative effects on resource and climate protection. Based on that, relevant political measures will be identified, then described and assessed according to their effects. Finally a milieu-specific reflection and evaluation of societal trends and the suggested measures will be conducted by using focus groups and online communities as social-empirical methods.
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Trend-radar resource politics: Socio-economic and socio-cultural drivers of resource use and potentials of non-technical measures and instruments for resource conservation
2017 - 2021
Federal Environment Agency (UBA)

Ecologic Institute
Sociodimensions Institute for Socio-cultural Research


Working package of the IZT
The work package "Futures Analysis" led by the IZT contains a scientific trend analysis to identify relevant trends and drivers of resource use and conservation. Qualitative approaches are used to analyse and evaluate the trends according to resource relevance as well as milieu- and value-specific correlations.



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The project "Trend-radar resource politics" follows up on the project "Klimawirkung der Ressourcenpolitik modellieren".


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