Our committees

The IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment is a non-profit limited liability company and is based in Berlin. Its bodies are the shareholders' meeting, the supervisory board and the management board. The company was founded in 1981. None other than Robert Jungk, among others the first professor of futurology at the Technical University of Berlin, Dietrich Goldschmidt and Ossip K. Flechtheim were involved in the founding and remained closely associated with the IZT throughout their lives.

  • Prof. Dr Henning Breuer
  • Ulla Burchardt
  • Sascha Dannenberg
  • Sabine Flores Tran
  • Marina Hammerstein-Lullies
  • Dr Alexandra Losch
  • Dr Roland Nolte
  • Prof. Dr Stephan Rammler
  • Stefan Richter
  • Doris Sibum
  • Association of the IZT staff e. V.
Supervisory Board
  • Doris Sibum (Chair)
  • Ulla Burchardt
  • Britta Oertel
  • Dr Siegfried Behrendt
  • Dr Roland Nolte
  • Sabine Flores Tran