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5G VICTORI - Deliverable 5.4 Business Plans, Exploitation Strategies and Project Impact Assessment
Authors Bledow, Nona; Nolte, Roland; Ludwig, KatrinBreuer, Henning ; Mesogiti, Ioann; Tzanakaki, Anna; Gutiérrez, Jesús
Year of publication 2023
izt publication
Creating a future that overcomes the digital divide through Scenario Building: strategies for inclusive public transport in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area
Authors Lazzarini, Boris; Collosche, IngoRoca, Elisabet; Wybraniec, Bartosz; Garola, Àlvar ; Ortiz, Adrià; Vidal, Mercedes
Year of publication 2023
foresight report
Foresight report Drivers, discourses and transformation scenarios
Transformation roadmap: Future prospects for agricultural technology
Authors Behrendt, Siegfried; Henseling, Christine; Opponent, Kathrin; Neipperg, Charlotte
Year of publication 2023
Roadmap 2030
Action agenda for the future of water management
Authors IKU_DIE DIALOGGESTALTER; IWW Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wasserforschung; TZW: DVGW-Technologiezentrum Wasser
Year of publication 2023
resilient mobility in baden württemberg
Resilient mobility in Baden-Württemberg
Challenges for and requirements of an electrified mobility system of the future
Authors Thomas, Dirk; Collosche, Ingo; Steck, Lisa; Flores Trần, Sabine
Year of publication 2023
screenshot 2024 01 16 at 11.53.31
The food of tomorrow
Food substitutes and new and alternative foods under discussion
Authors Oertel, BrittaThio, SIe Liong; Zulawski, Monika; Auchter, Carina; Wegener, Jana
Year of publication 2020
rethinking school
Climate protection needs those affected
The KlimaRatSchule project combines practical climate protection with learning about democracy
Authors Schmidthals, Malte
Year of publication 2023
more quality of life, less environmental consumption policy workshop sufficiency.
More quality of life, less environmental consumption Sufficiency policy workshop
Authors Hanna Parnow ; Aaron Best ; Lars Brischke ; Handke, Volker; Lydia Korinek ; Benjamin Görlach; Jan-Erik Thie ; Jonathan Barth; Tanja Brumbauer
Year of publication 2023
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