IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment gemeinnützige GmbH

The IZT addresses the major societal challenges with a view to the necessary far-reaching transformation of society. It is committed to sustainability and the ability to shape the future. It stands for the major topics of sustainability and shaping the future, technology assessment and technology design, and is a pioneer in key cross-cutting and integrative fields such as sustainability, digitalisation and resilience. The focus here is on both a holistic approach and forward thinking in alternatives and options. The systemic view and broad range of topics is complemented by deep expertise in key transformation fields and extensive methodological knowledge.

The IZT sees itself as an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific research institution committed to the common good, which integrates a wide range of perspectives, in particular social and natural science expertise as well as practical knowledge, and creates knowledge for orientation and action, especially against the background of increasing uncertainties and risks as well as high vulnerability and volatility of the framework conditions. Socially relevant topics are identified at an early stage, introduced into the public discourse and implemented in strategic research projects as well as translated into educational offers for general education, vocational education and training and higher education. On this basis, policy-makers, society and the economy are given sound advice and proactive agenda-setting is carried out.

The IZT looks back on a successful 40-year history of continuity and change, strong tradition and supporting visions for the future. This makes the IZT a lively, diverse, reflexive and thus learning organisation with large inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge bases, which continues to maintain the balance between preserving & renewing in order to remain fit for the future.

The IZT is a very special institute because it is independent, critical, unconventional, courageous, solidary and agile. Highly motivated employees work together here at a high scientific level. They are co-creators and at the same time shareholders of the institute. Together they address exciting topics of the future and in doing so open up great scope for shaping content and methods. Cooperation and collaboration are the basic modes of working.