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empowerplan berlin energy days website


Berlin ENERGY DAYS 2024

Invitation to a discussion on energy sharing with Melanie Degel and Katrin Ludwig from the IZT

 bilress website long (1500 x 540 px)


The new BilRess brochure is online!

Shaping resource education in Germany - institutions, initiatives and projects

group picture1 siegburg
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Review of the conference "Ecosystem Accounting in Germany" 2023

Publication of the conference report with insights into the Bio-Mo-D project

workshop community of practice 2024


Inclusion of biodiversity and ecosystem services in decision-making

Kick-off event for the establishment of a 'Community of Practice'

Symposium on social digitalisation


Symposium on social digitalisation

Michaela Evers-Wölk and Maren Eickhoff from the IZT will take part in the event with a presentation.

 futurium website


Event at Futurium, Berlin

Dating Democracy #8: A look into the crystal ball with Ingo Kollosche

empowerplan presentation tool


Presentation of the EmPowerPlan project at the Oderland-Spree regional assembly

First draft of the sub-regional plan for renewable energies of the Oderland-Spree regional planning community

e mobilbw resilient mobility in baden wuerttemberg
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Resilience in the mobility of tomorrow

New study highlights potential for strengthening the electrified and digital mobility system

climate council school didacta 2024


KlimaRatSchule at the didacta 2024 in Cologne

Thank you for your visit!

roadmap water management 2030


Roadmap 2030

Action agenda for sustainable water management

foresight report


Transformation roadmap: Future prospects for agricultural technology

Foresight report Drivers, discourses and transformation scenarios

look into the tool


Presentation of the EmPowerPlan project at the Oderland-Spree regional committee

Dialogue for sustainable regional development

bio mo d (1500 × 540 px)


Event announcement

Register now for the conference on 29 and 30 November 2023

climate school call for applications (1500 × 540 px)


Invitation to tender

Evaluation of the measures and results of the "KlimaRatSchule" project - SWH



Invitation to the CO:DINA closing event on 07 October 2023

System change by sustainable design or digital disruption?

Student assistant in the research area education and digital media


Student assistant wanted in the research area Education and Digital Media

The focus of the position is the collaboration in the KlimaRatSchule project.

 interview friderike ruge


Friederike Ruge in an interview with Women in Mobilty

As mobiliser of the week, Friederike Ruge was interviewed on the topic of mobility research and diversity.

workshop berlin
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Workshop: Synergies between corporate and national reporting on biodiversity

Bio-Mo-D invited representatives from companies, federal ministries, federal agencies and nature conservation associations.

morejblossom 2021 trebbin
© Anna Lena Hottendorff


Species conservation in modern agriculture

Bio-Mo-D with insights into the BASF farm network and biodiversity measures in practice.

Regional network meeting


Regional Network Meeting and the Future Workshop "Naturally: Building & Renovating

The regional network meeting and the future workshop "Naturally: Building & Renovating" - exchange and results.

group b tailored


Agreement on digitally supported regional planning in Oderland-Spree

Workshop with the Oderland-Spree Regional Planning Office set guidelines for further cooperation.

transfer 20 june (izt website news)


The IZT welcomes Professor Rammler in his new role

Prof. Dr Stephan Rammler has resigned from his position as Scientific Director.



Reaching the goal with a plan - EmPowerPlan: Regional planning for the energy transition

Contribution to the online platform Energy Future in Dialogue (Energy & Climate Protection Foundation)

Invitation: Regional Network Meeting "Region as Campus" + Future Workshop "Naturally: Building & Renovating" WHEN? Thu, 6.7.2023, 1-6pm WHERE? Eldenland Island Factory | Str. des Friedens 10 | 19294 Neu Kaliß


Regional network meeting "Region as Campus" in Elbe Valley

The regional network meeting and the future workshop "Naturally: Building & Renovating" took place on 06 July.



Poster pitch at the 1st Symposium of the Research Networks Energy of the BMWK

The Empowerplan project was presented at the 1st Symposium of the Energy Research Networks.

billress (1500 × 540 px)


19th BilRess Network Conference

On 19 September, the 19th Bilress Network Conference took place on the topic of "Resource Conservation and Resource Efficiency in Health Care".

job advertisement personnel clerk (mwd)


Job advertisement: Personnel Administration (m/f/d)

The IZT is looking for support in the area of human resources as of July

District Administrator Dagmar Schulz together with professors at the end of the first day of the event at Werkhof Kukate


The Elbe Valley "Region as Campus

Meeting of professors, the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg, the Green Workshop Wendland and the IZT

pa bbne ak


Final conference of the Project Agency Vocational Training for Sustainable Development

A short review and impressions of the PA-BBNE final conference on 20 March 2023

pa bbne header


Final conference of the Project Agency Vocational Training for Sustainable Development

On 20.03.2023, the results of the project were presented in Berlin and discussed with the participants.

Algorithms in digital media and their influence on opinion forming


Influence of algorithms in digital media on opinion formation - recording of the debate in the Bundestag

The Bundestag deliberated on the TAB report on Friday, 10.02.23, from 13:10.

21st BilRess Web Seminar: Makerspaces make (high) school Date: 14 February 2023 Time: 14:00 - 15:30


21st BilRess web seminar: Makerspaces make (high) school

We talked to Ecomaker about open workshops as a place of learning and levels of difficulty in sustainable product design.

Zukunftsforum Ecornet 24.01.2023 | 18:00 | Berlin & Livestream Between pressure to act and future orientation: mission and perspectives of sustainability research


Ecornet Future Forum on 24 January 2023 from 6 pm

What are the future mission and perspectives of sustainability research? The Ecornet research network invited.

tab report 204 message


Algorithms in digital media and their influence on opinion formation. Final report on the TA project.

TAB Working Report No. 204 explains interrelationships, highlights challenges, scientific findings and the legal framework.

20th BilRess web seminar: Resource-conscious use of clothing and shoes Date: 24 January 2023 Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.


20th BilRess web seminar: Resource-conscious use of clothing and shoes

Together with the consumer advice centre NRW, the consequences of the global textile industry, educational measures and possible incentives were discussed.


Digitisation in the field - the Agro-Nordwest experimental field goes into overtime

The project tests digitalisation possibilities in agriculture and focuses on farmers and farms.


Bio-Mo-D to the World Biodiversity Conference CBD COP 15 in Montréal

Scientists call for a rethinking of economic reporting to pay more attention to nature's achievements.


Konnekt - regional circular economy as a driver for innovation

In the Saarlouis district, inter-municipal cooperation and transformation serves as the basis for regional circular economy and sustainable regional development.


KlimaRatSchule - Protecting the climate through democratic participation in schools

The joint project aims at an active climate protection culture in schools and develops individual roadmaps to climate neutrality.


New publications on digitisation and sustainability

The CO:DINA project explores new approaches for the sustainable design of the digital transformation.


Energy Communities: Accelerators of the decentralised energy transition

The analysis explores how the diverse communities can strengthen the decentralised energy transition in the future.


Artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology in public administration

Final report on the TA project summarises the status quo in Germany, socio-political fields of action and international practical examples.


Henriette Kiez Cruiser

The project analysed the acceptance and experience of new vehicle concepts at Hermannplatz in Berlin.