The Institute is located in Berlin, near lake Schlachtensee @ IZT

The Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment (founded 1981)...

  • examines long-term futures ("long-term orientation");
  • translates visions of the future and scenarios into today's strategies ("implementation guidance") focusing on sustainable development;
  • assesses scientific and technological developments, including their potential impacts on society, economy and politics across different time horizons ("technology assessment"), and points out new perspectives and options for action;
  • supports clients through efficient identification of opportunities and risks ("foresight"), evaluating them from different perspectives (economic, ecological, and social) and taking side effects and issues of acceptance into account ("sustainability evaluation"); and
  • integrates interested participants and stakeholders early and purposefully into its research ("stakeholder integration"), seeking to minimize uncertainties in shaping the future and increase the security of decisions. This contributes significantly to the quality of results.
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