This short expert report provides an overview of the possibilities for companies to get involved in sustainable development in the local context - and thus contribute to putting Agenda 21 into practice. To this end, four fields of action are addressed, naming numerous socially innovative examples: (1) the social (or civic) engagement of companies (corporate citizenship), (2) the communication of companies with their social stakeholders in the form of stakeholder dialogues and sustainability reports, (3) the commitment of companies to their employees and (4) sustainability management with a view to the respective core business of the companies. The study also looks at the role of networks, organisations and initiatives that are active on the ground across fields of action to motivate companies to adopt a more sustainable approach to business or to support them in practical implementation. On this basis, a conclusion is drawn on the local entrepreneurial activities with particular social innovation potential as well as on the success factors for the regional sustainability commitment of business and an outlook on future developments and challenges for businesses is given.
Illge, Lydia; Müller, Frank; Nolting, Katrin