Real-Time Delphi

research method

Method description

The futurology method "Real-Time Delphi" follows the same basic idea as the conventional Delphi method: Experts evaluate online theses on future developments in their field. The conventional Delphi is characterised by a (defined) second wave of questioning; during a fixed time window, the participants can view all the answers of the other group members and possibly correct their own assessments. With the Real-Time Delphi, on the other hand, the division into two survey waves is omitted. Immediately after the start, the platform is activated for the participating experts in such a way that everyone can read the assessments of the other participants from the beginning. It is up to the experts to decide how often they log in and revise their own assessments. The participants appreciate this time sovereignty. The electronic questionnaire updates itself automatically as soon as information is entered. The IZT not only conducts real-time Delphi surveys in its own research projects, but also offers this instrument as a service.