On the occasion of the annual theme 2015: "Equal Rights - Every Gender", the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS) commissioned the IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment and Hans Joachim Lenz from the office Forsche Männer & Frauen (Research Men & Women) to write an overview article on discrimination risks of boys and men. In addition to the state of research on the form and prevalence of discrimination, their public perception is also taken into account, possible gaps in protection are pointed out and the need for action to reduce such risks of discrimination is identified. A particular focus is on the intersectional perspective, i.e. discrimination that simultaneously refers to other categories of difference in addition to gender, such as ethnicity, sexual orientation and identity or age.

Methodologically, research is first conducted in the German-language research literature, but also in the publications of civil society organisations, which have recently increasingly pointed out possible discrimination against boys and men. The evaluated results of the literature research are validated in a further step through interviews with experts and finally summarised as a handout for anti-discrimination work.