The capital city study "DIT is Berlin" was published in June 2020 and traces the socio-economic tensions in the living situations of Berliners. The IZT authors considered eight dimensions of life in the capital. Hardly any other city in Germany has changed more in the last 30 years since the fall of the Wall than Berlin. In the sense of a contemporary view, this study of the capital city traces the socio-economic tensions of the diverse living situations of Berliners. The following eight dimensions were taken into account:

  • Identity and attitude to life
  • Economy and employment
  • Education
  • Living
  • Mobility
  • Culture
  • Diversity
  • Politics, administration and civic engagement.

Conclusion: Berlin is a space of opportunity with a need to shape the future! The study was completed before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in Germany and was published in June 2020.