This manual explains to teachers how to use the Learning Companion WebApp including Learning Analytics and the openStudio WebApp. Furthermore, the qualification concept provides sufficient didactic basics for the design of digital learning objects. With the help of the manual, teachers are able to understand the architecture and function of the Learning Companion WebApp, to operate it and to answer typical questions learners may have about using the Learning Companion WebApp (navigating through the various administrative levels, handling learning objects). The basics of the didactic concept, according to which the learning objects are to be created, and detailed instructions on how to store them in the repository using openStudio-WebApp are provided. In addition, the use of learning analytics on the part of teachers and learners is explained and its added value in the context of blended learning is presented.

Scharp, Michael; Ludwig, Katrin; Merceron, Agathe; An, Truong; Krauss, Christopher