Futures research always involves a host of individual and collective actors, each with their own expectations and needs (see "Understanding the Type, Role, and Specificity of the Research Audience"). For instance, in contract research funders put a premium on practical relevance and utility. Generally, future researchers should work to ensure that their results are impactful by considering possible follow-on measures as they design the study (see "Aligning Research with Ambitions for Action"). Ultimately, however, it is the findings that determine whether the research objectives have actually been achieved. Through the application of targeted models ("Theoretical Foundation"), concepts ("Operational Quality"), and methods ("Method Selection"), future researchers can produce well-founded results that add to the knowledge base ("Scientific Relevance"). Yet findings are practically relevant, useful, and effective only if they meet the knowledge requirements of the funder and are utilizable by all the pertinent actors.

Göll, EdgarGerhold, Lars; Holtmannspötter, Dirk; Neuhaus, Christian; Schüll, Elmar; Schulz-Montag, Beate; Steinmüller, Karlheinz; Zweck, Axel