Apps (short for application software) increasingly determine everyday life. More and more often, people are using apps with the aim of having a positive effect on their health. Against the background of the increase in performance of smartphones and wearables, apps are constantly opening up new possibilities to accompany people's everyday forms of health action in an individually adapted way. The apps record, process and illustrate health-related data. This can be data on nutritional values (calories), quantities and composition of consumed food, alcohol, water or coffee, or body data such as step count, pulse, calorie consumption, blood sugar, weight, breathing or sleep quality. Many users are careless with their health data. They are not aware that their personal data is often inadequately secured. The TAB sensor focuses on questions about user expectations, but also on evaluations of possible positive or negative consequences of the use of health apps. The nationwide representative survey is a supplement to the innovation analysis "Health Apps".
Evers-Woelk, Michaela; Oertel, Britta; Sonk, Matthias; Dametto, Diego
Fields of research

Health and well-being, Technology Assessment and Participation