Health and well-being

Health is a valuable asset and an essential prerequisite for human well-being from a physical, psychological and social perspective. People's health and health care are shaped by dynamic trends and interwoven processes of change. These include, for example, advancing technologisation and digitalisation, but also increasing ageing and normative-cultural diversity in lifestyles as well as globalisation and urbanisation. There is structural pressure for change in the health sector. Complex guiding principles and visions are needed to gain orientation grids for future-oriented action and transformation strategies. Against this backdrop, the IZT's inter- and transdisciplinary research focus "Health & Wellbeing" addresses the following thematic lines:

  • Health and well-being in a changing society
  • Potentials and challenges of digitalisation and networking in the health sector
  • Resources, competences and educational concepts for participation, prevention and health promotion


The core team of the research field introduces itself: